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We offer world’s leading dental surgery at reasonable prices. Our highly educated and experienced staff uses the most modern equipment and materials. We follow qualified procedures that meet the highest world standards and use the newest dental care techniques.

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At Kryspin-Dent we use specialized instruments and modern materials as well as apply innovative methods which enable us to treat even the most severe diseases. We design the best treatment plan based on the thorough diagnostics and extensive knowledge of our specialists. The scrupulous planning helps to predict our prices accurately so that we can guarantee firm prices. However, we know that taking action quickly is essential for saving your natural teeth, and this is our top priority.

Why choose our Dental Centre?

The overall cost of your trip, including a dental visit at our Centre, flight and stay in a hotel in Gdansk is 30% lower than a visit to a Dental Centre in your country.

We are one of the very few on the market that uses the Academy of Dawson method a�� We keep in mind that the temporomandibular joint, teeth and muscles are designed to function in harmony.

Gdansk is a great holiday spot. You can combine your dental visit with some leisure time by the Baltic Sea.

You can enjoy many benefits of combining travel and visit to our Dental Centre. You can save on hotel booking! Choose to stay at our participating hotel and get a special offer.


Money-back Guarantee -A�If you are not satisfied with your visit we will refund your expenses.

The overall cost of your trip, including dental visit at our Centre, flight and stay in a hotel in Gdansk is 30% lower than a visit to a Dental Centre in your country.


An innovative approach to the dental surgery is aimed at the atraumatic treatment and saving as much of the natural tooth as possible.
Thanks to the experience gained over the years and the continued development of our Centre we can offer a wide range of treatments in the scope of dental surgery, including:

  • Broken tooth repair
  • Loose tooth repair
  • Ulcers, cysts, and other mouth odourA�inducing growthsA�removal
  • ComplicatedA�maxillofacial surgeryA�cases
  • Last molars, so-calledA�a�?wisdom teetha��A�removal
Broken tooth

In case of broken tooth the immediate reaction is of the significant importance, as it prevents the further damage or complications. During your appointment a dentist checks and assesses the condition of your tooth and chooses an appropriate treatment on this basis.

Ulcers, cysts, and other mouth odour inducing growths removal

Bad breath, also known asA�halitosis,A�is commonly ignored by patients. ItA�may be caused by various factors which can be determined and managed by a dentist.

Halitosis is often caused by the bacterial growth in the mouth, as a result of:

  • remaining food particles getting under the dental appliances, if they are ill-fitting or not taken care of
  • plaque
  • periimplantitis, an inflammatory condition around implants
  • plaque on the tongue
  • untreated cavities
  • yeast infections
  • bad hygiene habits

Our specialists deal with more complicated cases which require surgical procedures as well.A�Ulcers, cysts, and other growths might beA�removed surgically.

Oral and maxillofacial surgery

The extensive experience and knowledge of our specialists in the scope ofA�Oral and maxillofacial surgeryA�enables us to treatA�the most complicated casesA�related to the soft tissue in the mouth and the facial bones.A�It is not onlyA�theA�knowledge in theA�fields ofA�plasticA�andA�reconstructive surgeryA�that our performance is based upon, butA�we also refer to the aesthetic surgery and laryngology.

Having carefully examined and assessed yourA�teethA�we might also carry outA�theA�treatments that other dentists refused to do.

In case of any unsuccessful treatments carried out at other dental practices we can also help you regain your healthy smile. Our patients’ health and trust are our prioritie

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We organize your trip and fix your first appointment, during which we conduct thorough medical examination and prepare your personalized treatment plan which includes a schedule of your next appointments.


After you accept the treatment plan, we carry on with the treatment to achieve expected results. Duration of the treatment depends on the condition of your teeth, expected effects and methods applied.

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Kryspin-Dent is located in Gdansk, Poland. Our dental practices are well situated in easily accessible parts of the city, approx. 20 minutes by car from the local airport and 10 minutes away from the main railway station.

from Copenhagen, Stockholm and Berlin

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You can schedule a budget flight from low-cost airlines at a convenient time and combine your visit with wonderful time by the Baltic Sea.  We can help you arrange everything.

Time visit in our Dental and travel is very profitable and you have discount in a our friendly hotelels.


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„Very nice and friendly attitude, proffesional aproach and treatment like I have never met”

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Very professional and friendly service, trustworthy, definetly I will recommend it to my friends, it is not so far to Gdansk”

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„Very harty reception care, professional and individual physician service, very comfortable appointments to different dental specialists”

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Being a frequent patient, I am always very pleased with the treatment and professional approach of both the doctors and the rest of a team”

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