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At Kryspin-Dent Centre we unleash the full potential of implants to design a perfect smile. We guarantee high standards of dental care and the immediate help of our specialists.


What are Dental Implants?
A dental Implant is an artificial tooth root surgically placed in the jaw. It serves as a support for an artificial tooth attached to it. In short, it replaces the natural root of a missing tooth.
Placing dental implant enables:
  • replacing a single tooth without contouring neighbouring teeth
  • replacing multiple adjacent missing teeth and all teeth
  • regaining proper teeth function
  • preventing jawbone atrophy, which is a result of a tooth lose
  • meeting the highest aesthetic standards

We use laser in implant dentistry

Our patients are increasingly often choosing implants due to the durability, comfort and quality of this dental solution. Not only do implants help to regain a beautiful smile and self-confidence, but they also enable restoring the health of your teeth.

Why choose our Dental Centre?

The overall cost of your trip, including a dental visit at our Centre, flight and stay in a hotel in Gdansk is 30% lower than a visit to a Dental Centre in your country.

We are one of the very few on the market that uses the Academy of Dawson method a�� We keep in mind that the temporomandibular joint, teeth and muscles are designed to function in harmony.

Gdansk is a great holiday spot. You can combine your dental visit with some leisure time by the Baltic Sea.

You can enjoy many benefits of combining travel and visit our Dental Centre. You can save on hotel booking! Choose to stay at our participating hotel and get a special offer.

Money-back Guarantee – If you are not satisfied with your visit we will refund your expenses.

The overall cost of your trip, including dental visit at our Centre, flight and stay in a hotel in Gdansk is 30% lower than a visit to a Dental Centre in your country.

We use the best StraumannA�A�Implants

StraumannA� implants are one of the most commonly used implants – in the past 10 years they have already implanted 4 million, making it the second largest implant system in the world. The system has been under development for 30 years and is continually modified and improved. It allows you to recreate any kind of tooth defects – no single teeth, several teeth or no teeth.

The Standard Implant

Classic soft tissue level implant
Straumann Standard implants feature a smooth neck of 2.8mm in height and are well-suited for single-stage procedures, where the implant is placed at the soft tissue level and left uncovered during the healing phase. A streamlined tissue level prosthetic portfolio a�� featuring the solid abutment a�� provides a seamless transition into implant dentistry.

Standard Plus

For flexible placement
StraumannA�Standard Plus implants consist of a smooth neck of 1.8mm in height that allows flexible coronoapical implant placement in combination with trans- or sub-gingival healing.

Tapered Effect

For immediate placement
The anatomical design of Straumann Tapered Effect implants combines a cylindrical shape of the apex and a conical shape at the coronal aspect of the implant site a�� making it suitable for immediate or early implantation following extraction or tooth loss.

Bone Level

Expertise at bone level
A diverse abutment portfolio with extraordinary design features offers clinicians confidence and treatment flexibility. Straumann Bone Level implants are suitable for bone level treatments in combination with trans- or sub-gingival healing.A� Results of a randomized, controlled, multicenter clinical study show that the Straumann bone level implant exhibited excellent crestal bone maintenance and a high survival rate of 99.2%.1

Bone Level Tapered Implant


NEW!A�The Straumann Dental Implant System now includes the Straumann Bone Level Tapered Implant. This new implant is designed to deliver primary stability in all bone classes making them ideal for immediate placement and loading2A�even in challenging protocols.

We offer:

The most modern and effective treatment methods and highest standards
  • We apply the Dawson method in our dentistry.
  • We are constantly working on improving our qualifications by providing/participating in external and internal trainings.
  • Our dental offices are equipped with most modern dental equipment: devices, instruments and materials.
  • We follow qualified procedures that meet the highest world standards.
  • We do our best to make sure you enjoy your treatment.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • If the final results are different than originally planned, we will reimburse all your expenses.
  • We will design a personalised treatment plan which you can get familiar with and learn about the expected final effects before your treatment begins.
  • We can guarantee firm, fixed prices which stay competitive despite travel expenses.

  • We provide dental consultations conducted by a comprehensive team of specialists in order to offer you the best solutions.
We offer the best implants with a lifetime warranty:
  • They are made of the highest quality biocompatible materials (titanium, zirconium)
  • Perfect match
  • Natural appearance of the prosthetic restoration
  • Functionality and durability
  • Extraordinary comfort
  • Predictability of the final effects
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After you accept the treatment plan, we carry on with the treatment to achieve expected results. Duration of the treatment depends on the condition of your teeth, expected effects and methods applied.

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Kryspin-Dent is located in Gdansk, Poland. Our dental practices are well situated in easily accessible parts of the city, approx. 20 minutes by car from the local airport and 10 minutes away from the main railway station.

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You can schedule a budget flight from low-cost airlines at a convenient time and combine your visit with wonderful time by the Baltic Sea.  We can help you arrange everything.

You can schedule a budget flight from low-cost airlines at a convenient time and combine your visit with wonderful time by the Baltic Sea. We can help you arrange everything.

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„Very nice and friendly attitude, proffesional aproach and treatment like I have never met”

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Very professional and friendly service, trustworthy, definetly I will recommend it to my friends, it is not so far to Gdansk”
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„Very harty reception care, professional and individual physician service, very comfortable appointments to different dental specialists”
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Being a frequent patient, I am always very pleased with the treatment and professional approach of both the doctors and the rest of a team”
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